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Image courtesy of Andrew Chittenden, HKCT driver

The Board of Directors of the Association is committed to sound corporate governance and publishes a Governance Statement detailing its approaches to governance aligned to the 8 Principles of the ASX Best Practice Recommendations. You may read our Governance Statement on our Documents Page.

Please click on this link to view our latest Annual Report.

HKCT’s broad community members, including its consumers, are encouraged to become a member of the Association: Click here for our Membership Form

Board of Directors
• Corinne Attard – Chairperson
• Robin Hall – Vice Chairperson
• Position vacant – Treasurer
• Alex Maitland – Secretary

• David Newman – Ordinary Board Member
• Michelle Chan – Ordinary Board Member
• Manish Bansal – Ordinary Board Member


Our Team 
(As at December 2021)

General Manager
• Helen Crouch

Office Staff 
•Andrew Chittenden
• Deborah Harvey
• Joanne Fraser
• Julie Smith
• Karen Moon
• Pam Drysdale
• Sharon Drenth
• Tim Fitzgerald

• Helen Kamenos

• Axel Mueller 
• Bruce Buchanan
• Edward Corbett
• David van Beek
• Lynette Buchanan
• Martin Goodby
• Michael Smith
• Michael Webb
• Mitchell Bland
• Noel Degenhardt
• Peter Horrigan
• Philip Bourke 
• Rick Reidy
• Robert Brown
• Ronald Crompton
• Ross Pendlebury
• Sharon Colwell
• Steve Lumley
• Stewart McBriar 
• Wudi Wei Ren




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